Motivational Speaker

Dr Walayat Hussain

Motivational Speaker

Dr Hussain is internationally recognised as a leading authority in skin cancer. He regularly lectures internationally, with his most recent lectures delivered in Amsterdam, Eire, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

Dr Hussain is also in demand as a motivational speaker. His passionate, yet personal style captivates his audience and motivates those listening to go that extra mile to achieve their aims and objectives.

Feedback from his recent lecture entitled ‘What’s my Why’ delivered to a global multinational pharmaceutical company:

“Very informative, great fun – inspiring! Thank you.”

“What an inspiring presentation, it was a privilege to hear Dr Hussain discuss so candidly why he loves his job and how passionate he is about delivering the best care and outcomes for his patients.”

“Absolutely engaging from start to finish – wonderful to hear someone speak who is so passionate about their work and the patient, so motivating. Would love to hear Dr Hussain speak again on another occasion.”

“A credible, passionate and inspiring speaker.”

“What an incredible, inspiring, passionate and enthusiastic speaker. We need more sessions with people like him. He spoke from the heart and wasn’t afraid to ‘say it how it is’. “Very good speaker – obviously loves his work.”

“An inspirational speaker, I feel privileged to have heard him present. I am thankful that there are dedicated people such as him in this world. Listening to the professionals who are at the forefront of patient care is always motivating.”

“The best clinical presentation I have seen. A great presenter.”

“Very engaging and informative. The session was really very enjoyable- the speaker’s passion and enthusiasm came across and was infectious. Excellent session.”

“Fantastic, best session of the conference.”

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