Left alar (wing of nose)

Case ID: 0514

Close-Up: Surgical Hole After Skin Cancer Removal

Close-up: Plastic Surgical Reconstruction by Dr Hussain

Close-up: Long Term Result

Surgical Hole After Skin Cancer Removal:
After Mohs surgery to remove a tricky skin cancer from the side of this patient’s nose, a full thickness (through the nose) wound resulted.

Plastic Surgical Reconstruction by Dr Hussain:
In this patient’s case, I opted to reconstruct the wound using skin from the forehead, which actually has a very similar colour & texture match for the missing nose skin. This is referred to an an interpolated paramedian forehead flap. The skin was ‘turned over’ itself to recreate both the inner and outer aspect of the nose and after three weeks, the ‘trunk’ from the forehead was separated. This reconstruction is therefore performed in 2 stages.

Long Term Result:
It is pleasing that the outcome of the surgery is excellent and that the symmetry and shape of the nose has been maintained.

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