Why More People are Turning to Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer Removal

  • Posted on: Mar 15 2016
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Mohs SurgerymaFinding a suspicious growth on your skin can be alarming, and the confirmation of skin cancer even more so. It is understandable to feel overwhelmed by this diagnosis, and to wonder about the most appropriate form of care. Patients of Dr. Hussain can trust in his extensive educational training and experience with skin cancer treatment. Our staff offers the support and the information needed to make a confident decision about removing a cancerous lesion.

About Mohs Micrographic Surgery

The Mohs surgical procedure was developed decades ago, and has been used by highly-trained physicians around the world. Dr. Hussain is Fellowship trained by the American Academy of Mohs Surgery. His understanding of this procedure makes him a wonderful resource for patients seeking the gold standard of care.

Benefits of Mohs Surgery include:

  • High success rate. This meticulous surgical process has a 99 percent success rate; higher than any other treatment, including electrodessication and curettage, and radiation therapy. The success of Mohs surgery stems from the removal of small layers of tissue and the immediate micrographic examine thereof. Because full removal is confirmed during the surgery, there is only a minimal risk of recurrence.
  • Mohs surgery is appropriate for the removal of most squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas.
  • The surgical procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure with local anesthetic. Although this may take several hours, treatment is completed in a single visit.
  • Unlike standard excision, the Mohs technique contains the treatment area at the borders of a growth. This method preserves the greatest amount of healthy tissue and results in the smallest possible wound.
  • Peace of mind. Mohs surgery involves the immediate examination of cells. This means that, upon the completion of your procedure, you know that all abnormal cells have been removed.

Dr. Hussain provides care with the intent of helping each patient through the diagnosis of skin cancer as quickly as possible. Contact us for further information.

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