Why you Want a Fellowship Trained Mohs Surgeon to Treat your Skin

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skin-cancerPatients diagnosed with skin cancer today have much less to feel frightened about than previous generations. Now, a large percentage of skin cancers can be successfully removed with the intricate Mohs micrographic surgical technique. If you are currently exploring your treatment options for skin cancer, you have likely heard of Mohs surgery. What you may not know is that there is no specific board-certification for this procedure. Without that, how do you know if your dermatologic surgeon has the training and skill you can rely on for optimal results? Let’s find out.
One of the leading organizations in this area of medicine is The American Collage of Mohs Surgery, or ACMS. The college was founded by the pioneer of the Mohs technique, Dr. Frederic Mohs, and offers rigorous training programs that require a months-long commitment from participants.

What Does This Mean for you?
Highly Qualified Mohs Instructors
The very training center in which ACMS Mohs training occurs has been put through a rigorous approval process. The training program pairs each fellow-in-training with an accredited ACMS Mohs surgeon who has also been approved based on expertise and proficiency. Mentoring and direction is provided on a direct and one-on-one basis throughout the program. Each training center is re-assessed every 1 to 5 years.

Intensive Training
ACMS fellowship training can be obtained by a physician after his or her residency program. Acceptance into the one- to two-year program is obtained through a highly competitive selection process. Fellowship-trainees obtain both “classroom” and “operating room” education, through which they begin at a basic level and progress in their technical abilities. Fellows are exposed to the long-term results obtained from Mohs, including complications and recurrences, enabling them to appropriately address a variety of scenarios.

Quantitative Experience
Skin cancer is a diverse and potentially serious condition. Mohs fellowship training is conducted in a manner that imparts the highest degree of judgment and experience in each graduate. Completion of ACMS fellowship training means a surgeon has:

  • Participated in 500 or more surgical cases.
  • Performed reconstructions ranging from simple suturing to complex repairs.
  • Obtained the necessary skill to interpret tissue samples during the Mohs procedure.

A qualified ACMS Fellow, Dr. Hussain performs Mohs surgery for optimal long-term results. Patients may also visit our office for mole removal and other forms of skin cancer treatment.

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