Nose (large defect)

Case ID: 0490

Close-Up: Surgical Hole After Skin Cancer Removal

Close-up: Plastic Surgical Reconstruction by Dr Hussain

Close-up: Long Term Result

Surgical Hole After Skin Cancer Removal:
Even though Mohs surgery creates the smallest hole necessary to ensure a skin cancer is removed, sometimes the resulting hole can still be significant as in this case where the majority of the upper nose has been been removed.

Plastic Surgical Reconstruction by Dr Hussain:
Although a skin graft would have covered the wound, it would have resulted in a very poor, sunken patch on the nose. To restore the volume of skin that had been removed, I performed an interpolated paramedian forehead flap. I took a finger of skin from the left side of the forehead and swung it round to cover the nose. This ‘trunk’ remains attached to the forehead and the nose itself for 3 weeks before a second procedure is performed to remove the trunk and shape and contour the nose.

Long Term Result:
Considering the size and depth of the wound that needed to be repaired, this patient was very pleased with the cosmetic outcome of his surgery.

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